Work Instruction Templates

Work Instruction Template used for Training Protection for your Training Asset You have invested heavily in the QAD software and the training for your people. In most cases, [...]

QAD Training Template

Product Training Template Training Offering by QAD In the past a typical QAD training is going through the "trio" training of Product Training 1 (PT1) - Mostly Distribution [...]

QAD2SAP Data Migration Toolkits

Business Requirements To comply with your corporate global ERP standardization strategy, it is sometimes inevitable to migrate from your beloved ERP system to another ERP system. For examples: QAD to SAP QAD to Oracle QAD to Fourth Shift Excel to QAD Fourth Shift to QAD SAP to QAD Oracle to QAD Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, there is no simple "plug in" data conversion tools for any ERP system I have heard so far. Therefore, data migration is always considered the last priority in any system implementation, assuming the IT technical team can take care of it easily. The fact is that, "Data Migration" is the make-or-break in any new ERP implementation, other than good training and good project management!!   The Needs The following is a typical data migration methodology that most company would adopt Data Extract from Legacy System Mapping of data attributes from old to new data sets, (for example: Product Line (QAD) impact to MTART (SAP)) Data Validation and Sanity Checking Process Export the data to SAP pre-configured format Load it into SAP using SAP Standard Import Routine Export the data from SAP into Excel File Compare the SAP generated Excel File to QAD original data [...]

Create Item Master, BOM & Route From Excel

Current Limitation Sometimes there is a need to perform BULK Item Master creation, either from the engineering PDM, inter-company product transfer or simply a new product launches. If you are in a manufacturing company where item master creation is a burden because of the number of items to be created in (1.4.1) or (1.4.3) + (1.4.5) + (1.4.7) + (1.4.9) is too time-consuming and tedious and error prone, you need alternative solutions to entering the data one by one. Once you have setup the Item Master, next you must create the Product Structure and Routing. These 2 screens are not that "friendly" to non-daily QAD users like the engineer, entering incorrect information. Everyone know the limitation of QAD whereby the ABC Class setup by site, Wrong Taxable flag, Purchase/Manufacturing flag will create problems in your daily operations. How about BULK update to a certain group of supplier Purchasing Lead Time, Buyer/Planner code and MRP Order Policy? How do you do all these without typing one by one? Audit Trial for Item Master, Product Structure and Routing has always been a problem for MFG/PRO eB2 and below. Someone has change the Purchase Flag without informing finance and production creating bad planning and [...]

MRP2PO-Auto MRP Plan to Purchase Order Creation

MRP 2 Purchase Order     Current QAD Limitation There are many companies that require to use discrete Purchase Order rather than EDI or using the QAD Supplier Schedule Order modules. Typically they want to control PO by price due to contract and supplier delivery performance using the Promise Date of the discrete Purchase Order. QAD MRP will calculate the correct requirements for components to be purchased. It has the function to approve planned Purchase Order to become Purchase Requisitions. Unfortunately the approval control for Purchase Requisition is part by part and not consolidated by supplier Purchase Order. Once Purchase Requisition is approved, end user needs to enter the PO detail line by line using the Approved Purchase Requisition. For an enterprise that need to procure over 50 Purchase Orders/day, this can be a task that is very time consuming and human intensive. Normally they have to print, scan and fax/email to their suppliers. For Supplier Promise Date, they have to update it back to the QAD screen (5.7), line by line.   The Solution Add-on (non-invasive) customization to integrate the MRP planned orders to become Purchase Order directly without user entering the details one by one. There will [...]

Work Instruction Templates

Work Instruction Template used for Training Protection for your Training Asset You have invested heavily in the QAD software and the training for your people. In most cases, you will expect your own staff to document down some kind of work procedures and instructions during or after the training. Guess what, you will get all sorts of reasons for things not being done, like "No time", already busy with work and implementation, cannot do more Don't know how to use Powerpoint or Word properly Don't know how to get started I started, but don't know what to write After implementing more than 100 sites over 12 years, we come to realized that, only 2 company out of the 100 may be doing "something" but only some department and not all department So you realized, after 1 year after implementation, when you may have lots of new staffs due to growth, they need to be trained all of them again Doesn't all these sounds too familiar?   The Solution ERP Consulting LLP understands the needs of its customer well enough. Instead of burdening your staff with documentation on top of their day-to-day work and implementation training, you should invest in [...]

QAD Training Template

Product Training Template Training Offering by QAD In the past a typical QAD training is going through the "trio" training of Product Training 1 (PT1) - Mostly Distribution Modules (SO/PO/IC) Product Training 2 (PT2) - Manufacturing Modules (MPS/MRP/BOM/Route/WO) Financial Management (FM) - AP/AR/GL Each of the training modules above takes about 5 days each, continuous. For most people, the first class in the first 3 hours, they have the most energy. They are all charged up and ready to learn the new system their company have purchased and assigned them to sit in through "prestige" training class conducted by someone who supposes to be an expert in QAD. Then they realized the following problems: The example in the training manual is about manufacturing of stationary (The pencil company) The data in the training database is not related to their company data They are learning things they don't normally do day by day (ie: Physical Count,PO,SO) The "Business Process" of the company is not the same as QAD, so they cannot relate The trainer is not well verse in their company business processes. He/She only knows QAD product and not the business side of it. Sometimes we have many trainers [...]

QAD System Rollout Templates

    Repeatable & Consistent QAD system Rollout to multi sites Your CEO has requested you to rollout 8 Manufacturing sites across 4 countries in 12 months, each taking 2-3 months long. You are already having problem with the pilot site with the current consultants and users. Your job is on the line as you don't know which Project Manager is able to handle such a mammoth task. Who do you call? [Clue: Not Ghostbusters]   The Solution ERP Consulting LLP has managed 4 large MNC clients who has the same request in the last 18 years. We can tell you it is definitely not an easy tasks but it is definitely achievable. Not only we are able to implement it successfully with 100% on-time and UNDER-BUDGET, we also help the customer to clinch the QAD Achiever Award from QAD in doing so! Doing this is definitely not for the faint hearted consultant as this is really a mammoth project which require a lot of consistency from each site. There are a few keys tips and requirements for this to get started. The Secret for a Successful Project Rollout Strong and qualified Project Manager Strong endorsements from corporate team, company stakeholders [...]

Project Management Template For your Organization

  Get the facts right The failure rate of IT Projects can be alarming; per Gartner, approximately 74% of IT projects fail, are late, or go over budget. META GROUP REPORTS that a staggering 55 percent to 75 percent of all CRM projects fail to meet their objectives. On average, about 70 percent of all IT-related projects fail to meet their objectives, so CRM's failure rate -- along with the appalling 70-percent failure rate for ERP implementation projects and the shockingly high 70-percent failure rate experienced by those implementing SCM (supply-chain management) -- is about as distressing as a 70-percent failure rate for a hitter in baseball. Don’t be a statistic in your organization. Analysis Successful project management is about managing risk. One of the most common ways of bringing together people from different backgrounds and often different enterprises to achieve project success is to use a formal project management structure (PMS). This makes sure everyone understands how the project is organized and what to do next. The best PMSs also aid project planning and give project managers early warning of time overruns and scope creep. Two of the best-known PMSs are Projects in Controlled Environments PMI, from the Project Management [...]

Business Solutioning Services

  Business Solutioning is a process where we define an real and existing business issues or problems, map and analyze them and provide workable solutions within QAD. Typically the big word "Business Process Re-engineering" comes into play here. But in many instances, we do not need to change so radically for a problem that can be easily fixed.     There are many instances in an ERP where it provide the basic functionality but did not concentrate on the productivity cycle.     For example: How do I speed up the Physical Counting process with the "Tag Count" data entry? How do I know which products are being cancelled over the last 24 hours? How do I look through reports within QAD telling me which component will have a serious stock-out issue? What is my "On-Time" Delivery Performance (OTDP) for my customer and supplier? I have 300 Sales Order that is in an Excel file from my customer, how do I enter it to QAD as fast as possible? I have to provide my inventory information to my 3PL at 5PM every day, how do I achieve that? I have over 3,000 Purchase Order to create/month. This job is killing me [...]

Implementation Services

  Congratulation, you have just purchased the whole QAD suite. What is next? Do not under-estimate the task of implementation. It is your next highest cost related item in an ERP implementation other than the software. Success or failure in an implementation will determine if your crucial investment in an ERP solution will enhance or ruin your business. Any implementation that is not successful will cost you more than triple of your investment. You customer will scream at you for late shipment, your supplier was not paid on time and refuse to send you fresh materials resulting in production shutdown. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR JOB, if these things really happen!! QAD Consulting will recommend their implementation services to you. Remember implementation entails a wide array of tasks which are eventually handled by a human being like you and me and no company can claim that all their employees are equal in skills of implementation. It takes at least 3 years of implementation experiences of at least 5 cycles before a person is considered a good implementer. Demand their resume before the implementation begin. If they are experienced, great, continue working with QAD. For those customers who need 2nd opinion on proven [...]

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