Work Instruction Templates

Work Instruction Template used for Training Protection for your Training Asset You have invested heavily in the QAD software and the training for your people. In most cases, [...]

QAD Training Template

Product Training Template Training Offering by QAD In the past a typical QAD training is going through the "trio" training of Product Training 1 (PT1) - Mostly Distribution [...]

Training Services

  Optimize your QAD Investment by attending professional training conducted by a qualified trainer who is experience in the industry and QAD software. ERP Consulting LLP has developed modular based training materials and the focus is by business process and key users. Before we undertake any training, we would normally spend 3 days on understanding the company's entire business processes first. We will map out the training modules the company really need and discard those which are redundant. We will build the training materials with your company logo and recommended business processes. The training materials can later serve as the future in-house new employee self learning-aid as sometimes even as ISO-9001 compliant training materials and Work Instructions. If your company is trying to implement QAD and you have requested us to provide the training, we will make sure we use your data and never with the "QAD demo" database. We will configure all the necessary QAD Control Files to map to a typical business like yours. We work with you to build a culture of continuous learning methodology and realize a measurable return on education eventually. With comprehensive training from ERP Consulting LLP, you can Optimize the value of your ERP [...]

Technical Services

ERP Consulting LLP provides professional technical services for any company who are implementing QAD solutions.Normally when QAD is being installed, the default setting would be used for most implementation. The hardware system would not be tuned for high user counts and probably nobody bother to look into the hard disk configurations for PROGRESS database environment.We will provide you a proprietary technical blueprint before the implementation starts to ensure the implementation is successful. The Technical Blueprint will cover the following areas Hardware Database User Interface Data Migration and Data Management Hardware You need to tune the "kernel" parameters for the Unix/Linux operating system to operate for transactional database environment. You need to configure the harddisk to operate for PROGRESS databases. How many hard disks do I start with? What is the backup system requirement? Should you use RAID 5? How about the home user directory? Do you need mirrored hard disks? Should you use SAN configurations? How do I do backup? Disk-to-Disk? Disk-to-Tape? How about printer model recommendation for China and Taiwan, why is it not printing correctly? Database PROGRESS database performance is at it's peak if you use the correct indexes and there are many indexes which can be built for [...]

Project Management Services

  ERP Consulting LLP adopted Project Management Institute (PMI) standard for all its project undertaking. In the simplest terms, a project is a unique temporary endeavor, with a set beginning and end. Using this broad definition, projects exist in every industry worldwide, from automotive and construction, to aerospace and software. It is easy to see how project managers — those professionals who manage projects consistently with time-tested processes — are a vital part of the global workforce. Project managers contribute to quality, efficiency and business results across the enterprise. More formally, PMI defines project management as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project.” We have more than 18 years of QAD implementation on more than 110 sites worldwide experiences. When it comes to successful and measurable project delivery, we understand client's needs on how to measure success factor. We even designed and tailored Project Management Template & Toolkit for any QAD implementation, be it a one-time single company implementation or a regional or worldwide rollout, we have the right PM toolkit designed for it. QAD implementation is already costly enough; you do not want [...]

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